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As the sun sets the action begins.

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Crabbing at Sunset

Although the video above is quite instructional, we realize that many people will be catching and cleaning their crabs for the very first time. Never hesitate to call or message us with any questions you may have about cleaning or cooking your crabs 

after your trip. We would be happy to answer any questions or concerns. We want your crab boil to be an awesome experience! 

Florida Crabbing Lit Cooler

We will be adding more pictures and videos of our newest Florida Crabbing Adventures very soon. In the mean time feel free to stop by our Instagram and Facebook pages and give us a follow. We love when our customers connect with us online through our website and through Social Media. Feel Free to Tag us in your own trip photos and we would be happy to do the same. 

Crabbing Pictures

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We will also be adding a series of crabbing videos on our website and YouTube page for you to view. We encourage our customers to bring along their own video cameras and Go Pros and we would be happy to assist you in capturing some really cool footage of your trip throughout the night. We have a variety of Go Pro mounts around the boat as well as attachments on the dip nets that you are welcome to use to capture memories that will last forever. There's nothing like looking back at underwater footage of your crabs crawling into your net and you never know when a Manatee or Dolphin may stop by and swim through our lights for a visit. We can guarantee that our Crabbing Charters will be one of the most fun and unique things you have ever done.

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Piling the Crabs into our LED Lighted LIT Cooler.