Crabbing in Florida

What Makes Us Different

Cooler of Blue Crabs


​Unlike some of the other Crab Charters offered around the country, we DO NOT collect and bait crab traps. Our charters are a little different. At Florida Crabbing we head out at sunset with only your group onboard for the night. Shortly after reaching the crabbing areas, we will kick on our powerful ultra bright and silent LED Lighting System with over 32,000 Lumens of light. As we slowly cruise around the flats looking for floating and crawling crabs, you will reach down and attempt to scoop up the crabs you see. It's not as easy as it seems, as the Blue Crab is a fast escape artist when he wants to be. Once you develop your own method and learn to scoop fast, it is a very successful way to crab and you will have a ton of fun with your family scooping up your future feast.

The number of crabs you collect in a night is entirely up to your skills as a crabber, but on average we collect about 2-3 dozen depending on how many crabbers are participating. In all reality, two or three dozen crabs is more than enough for a 4 person feast when boiled with corn and potatoes in a traditional crab pot. There's nothing like catching your dinner straight from the Gulf of Mexico 

and filling your cooler full of Fresh Live Florida Blue Crabs.

Shipping of crabs back home is available for an extra fee. 

Florida Blue  Crabs

 Atlantic blue crab, or known regionally

as the Chesapeake blue crab, is a species of crab native to the waters of the western Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, and introduced internationally.


The early history of the recreational blue crab fishery in the Gulf of Mexico is not well known. Commercial crabbing was first reported in the Gulf of Mexico in the 1880s. Early crab fishermen used long-handled dip nets and drop nets among other simple fishing gear types to trap crabs at night. We still use this method to this very day on our night time charters.

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$350.00 total (not per person) for three hours of crabbing action for up to 3 passengers. 
A fourth and fifth crabber can be added for an additional $50 and can rotate out on the platform. 

Up to 3 Crabbers at once on the deck. No Experience Necessary and a great trip for kids of all ages.

All Equipment and Licenses are included. See our FAQ's for more detailed information or call