Florida Crabbing Website

Frequently Asked Questions About Your Crab Trip

Is the price of the trip per person or per charter?
The rate you see on our website is per CHARTER, NOT per person. Your rate is for up to 3 crabbers at one time. An additional 2 people can be added for $50 each for a full 3 Hour charter. 

Additional hours can be purchased at a rate of $95 per hour
When divided up between crabbers, no other trip can guarantee the amount of fun for the money!

Will I need a fishing license?
No. We have a Charter License that covers everyone onboard. 

Are alcoholic beverages allowed on board?
All containers should be plastic or cans - no glass please! 
Beer is permitted in cans (Limit of One Six Pack per boat). No hard liquor is permitted.
Absolutely no illegal drugs or substances of any kind will be tolerated.

Are there a lot of insects out there?
Although we recommend that you bring your own bug spray, we do provide a can onboard. Most of the insects we come across are non-biting insects and are more of a slight distraction than anything else. In the cooler months, very few are even present and after a short period of time you will quickly forget that they are even there due to your excitement and concentration on the crabs.

What should I bring along on my adventure?
Refreshments and equipment are provided for your charter. You can bring your own food and beverages if desired, but we do provide water and snacks. Bug spray, long pants, closed toe soft-soled shoes, jacket and a camera are all items that we would recommend for your comfort.

Can this be done during the day?
Although we can provide daytime crabbing trips, nighttime trips offer a MUCH higher success rate. The glare of the sun on the water, the sometimes windy conditions and high temperatures make it much more difficult to see and scoop crabs during the day. Our powerful boat lights make it much easier to spot and scoop crabs at night. 
The cooler temperatures and calmer waters make for a much more enjoyable experience!

Do we get to keep the crabs we catch?
Yes, every crab that you catch is yours to keep. We suggest that you bring a medium to large cooler filled with a layer of ice on the bottom covered by a wet towel. This allows the crabs to stay alive, but calms them down and prevents them from fighting.

At the end of the trip we will explain to you exactly how to clean and cook your crabs.  

Our Policy

All trips will require a deposit to hold your charter date. We accept all major credit cards. Deposits will be returned only due to inclement weather or 30 Day Notice of cancellation. 

Balance will be due at the end of the trip.

Although we are licensed and insured, all clients will be required to sign a liability release form before boarding the vessel. All minors will have to have a parent or guardian sign for them as well.

The Captain can at anytime cancel or delay a trip based on current or predicted weather conditions. Partial refunds will be available if a trip must be cut short due to inclement weather.

Due to the nature of crabbing, only a small amount of beer is allowed on board. One six pack per boat for safety! 

No illegal drugs will be permitted onboard.  Unruly passengers will not be tolerated.

No Bananas Will Be Permitted Onboard! ​​​