Have you ever wanted to catch your own dinner, but weren't really sure how or where you could do something like that?

Have you ever wanted to know exactly where your seafood comes from? 

Well dip netting for crabs is one of the easiest ways to get started in harvesting your own food and it doesn't get any more "organic" than that!  Maybe you aren't much of a fisherman or a hunter. Maybe you love to eat crabs at a restaurant, but never imagined that going crabbing for your very own Blue Crabs in Florida was even a possibility.  

Let Florida Crabbing Charters take you on a charter that will not only show you how to go crabbing like the Florida Natives did centuries ago, but along the way you will encounter some of Florida's untouched wildlife in it's natural habitat. From gators, to manatees to dolphins, you never know what you might see on one of our trips and thats not even counting

all of the fish and other underwater species you will see as we cruise along looking for crabs.

We look forward to sharing this age old method of crabbing with you and please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.

Thanks for stopping by and visiting our website.

- Captain Ed McCormick

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We will explain to you step by step exactly how to clean, prepare and cook your Florida Blue Crabs. 

‚ÄčThe greatest part about going on a Florida Crabbing Adventure is that your experience continues into the following night as you and your family sit down together to eat your fresh catch straight from the Gulf! 

Join us for one of the most unique 

charters you and your family will ever

experience. Scoop up your very own

Blue Crabs straight from the

Gulf of Mexico directly to your plate! 

Cooking Florida Blue Crabs